What is Piping Isometric Drawing?

Once the three-dimensional (3D) model has been established in piping design software like PDS, PDMS, or SP3D, Piping Designers/Engineers need to convey that information to the yard for fabrication and site for Construction. The transferred information must have to be sufficient for the fabricator with the vision of what is to be fabricated and how the piping should be connected with other elements, with exact dimensions and complete build/Bill of materials (BOM). This is where Piping Isometric Drawings play a magnificent role. So piping isometrics are directly used for the following situations:

Piping isometrics indirectly helps to calculate many parameters required during project execution like:

By definition, Isometric drawings are a pictorial representation that combines height-width-depth/length into a single view with 30 degrees from its horizontal plane as shown in the below attached image.

isometric drawing
Built-up of Isometric Drawing