Introductory areas:


Isometric Sketches & Drawings

Mechanical Part Drawings


A possible example is an API 570 Visual Inspection.

Breakdown of the Classes 1, 2, and 3.

Survey piping system requirements for:
    - Scaffolds,   Ladders,   JLG's,   Hazards,   and insulation removal areas.

Checks and progress charts  for:
    - Scaffold errectors,   Insulator removal areas,   API Inspectors,   Field as built technicians,   CADD personal,
      and data entry personal.

Flagging points so UT & RT personnel find their targets quickly.

    - Sign in and out procedures,   Proper PPE usage,   Field risk assessment,
      Improving drawing & work performance,   Safety meetings.

Collected information is contained within the turn over packages.

Isometric Sketches (ISO) and Drawings

Work package includes:
    - A check sheet,   ISO paper (New Sketches),   Existing sketch,   Rough notes,
      Photocopy of related areas of P&ID’s.

Any changes noted are red lined on the existing sketch and P&ID.

Drawing characteristics:
    - Product flow direction,   Line numbers,   Landmarks,   Line sizes,   Pipe classes,   North direction,
      Pipe supports,   Limits (area, battery),   Orientation,   TML’s, RT, Chloride, and Injection Point Locations,
      JLG, ladder, scaffold requirments.

Changes are noted on P&ID’s (Red lined) for future changes or re-verification.

10 percent to ensure that accuracy is maintained.

At the start of a project or when an individual is being trained the checking frequency increases.


Work packages contain:
    - A checklist,   Critical Areas ie bearing surfaces,   Customers name,   Tolerancing,   Customer drawing number,
      Equipment name etc.

Third angle projection drawing style is adopted. 3D representation of the drawing is located in the upper right hand
corner of the drawing.

High lighter marks are made on rough work to mark the location of errors. Corrections are made on revised drawings.
Revision letters of x, x1, x2 … are used until the drawing is correct then Rev 0. Changes after Rev 0 the number will
increase by one for each time.

Depending upon the legal requirements engineers may be required within the loop.

Ultimately, we will conform to your standards.

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